Handstand sketch Women's Tank

Handstand sketch Women's Tank

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~I put extra love into my first design—the hand-stand is a hand-drawn pencil-sketch.

~Soft fabric!

-Purchases support the Alan Watts archival project, working to make more of Watts' audio library available in digital form (only half of which is currently available).

"They said: 'You can't have a spherical world because the people on the opposite side would fall off,' because they thought of gravity as one directional through space. They couldn't see it as some force that was centripetal. So, when we say for example: 'We should go on to higher things.' Well, whose higher? Because, every one of us—as it were, having our feet pointing toward the center of the earth—must have our heads, which are up, pointing to regions of space which are vastly differentiated. So which way is up? Your up, or my up?" ~Alan Watts, moment 25:41 of "Problems in Meditation" Part 1